Sail to Sable

Sail to Sable

Hi Friends,

Happy Tuesday! Gosh, did we even have a weekend?! I feel like it just flew by. We have been playing catch up ever since we redid our kitchen and are finally done as of today! Can I get a hip hip hooray! Today we got our new lantern lights installed and I am obsessed. I cannot wait to share all the details on where we purchased everything! Stay tuned on that!

On a total side note, guess who took his first steps?! Yep, you probably guessed it cause shoot its not me (obviously LOL), but Henry did! We are so proud of him!! He is gaining more strides each day and mama and daddy are very happy to watch him grow into his feet finally 😉 So to say I am exhausted, is an understatement. My days have consisted of chasing Henry around and gosh he is just busy busy busy. I am trying to have him tell me his secret of the constant energy, like even if I could just have half of his energy I would be good, but he has yet to come clean. I will let ya’ll know if he ever decides to tell!

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite companies with you, Sail to Sable. Coastal meets glam is what comes to mind when I think of this company. Between the dresses, tops, shorts,- shoot everything they carry is just absolutely stunning. Today I styled this Ric Rac dress and I am absolutely in love with every aspect of this dress. Between the material, cut, cute details, and neckline, I seriously am in love with everything. Whether you have a special event coming up, date night, girls night, wedding shower, baby shower, the list could go on- this would be a perfect dress for the occasion. I love that I can dress it up, but also have the option to not over accessorize since it is dressy enough by itself. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am always looking for options that I can minimize and “grab & go” to instantly throw on and look all put together. This my friend, is your dress. I have a lot of exciting events coming up that I cannot wait to wear this to. I mean after all, pink + Ric Rac….what else could a girl want?!

My other favorite styles include:

I know one thing is for certain, a girl can never have to many classic dresses and these are absolutely timeless between the quality and design. I mean that is what I keep telling myself, oh and my husband, and it seems to be working 😉 Dresses for the win! I hope ya’ll enjoy checking them out.

Well, I am off to clean the kitchen AGAIN! The endless workers and mess has given me a headache, but this clean up will be filled with smiles since it will be my last one, once and for all! Cheers to having the house back to ourselves! Hope you have a great night, sweet friends! Talk soon!