Willow Park Boutique

Willow Park Boutique

Happy Wednesday, sweets!

Hip Hip Hooray for making it halfway through the week. I know I need to celebrate small victories, especially when we are undergoing a new (TODDLER!) schedule over here, so happy day. I know, the world toddler is just scary in itself. How is my sweet baby boy about to turn ONE! I just can’t….So I am not, HA! I am soaking in the last few days with my 11 month old 😉

I am so excited to share the cutest styling boutique and online shop with ya’ll today. Let me introduce you and your wallets (I know, I’m sorry 🙂 ) to Willow Park Boutique. It is situated in Marietta, GA and is just the sweetest little shop I have ever seen. But seriously though, its precious! Let me just start by saying these ladies are the absolute best, most down to earth women I have ever met. I met with Blakely, one of the owners, and she made me feel right at home. No really, we literally took over the shop like it was our home. Henry had to come on the adventure with me and lets just say he was not thrilled to say the least to be in a new place with mommy preoccupied with other things 😉 You know, that #momlife is totally unpredictable. Sometimes, well ALL the time, Henry is an angel, but this particular day he had other plans for me that did not involved trying on clothes! Win some, loose some right?!, but Blakely couldn’t have been sweeter about it! So, lets dig in shall we?!

What is a styling studio you may wonder?! So, they do not have traditional “hours” like a regular store-front has. As a styling boutique, they mainly function as an online store, with the option to open up by appointment only. In addition to making appointments, they will offer pop-up studio hours where they will open up at particular times to the public without the need for an appointment. The purpose of this is to have a space where one can try on the clothes they love online to see how they fit, how they can style them, and get head to toe looks without the hassle of feeling lost on the internet or in large department stores. After my style studio experience, I will tell ya’ll there is no better way to go. I am absolutely obsessed. Forget having to order things, wait to have them arrive, to them not fitting, or having to then go out and find accessories for it (the list could go on)….it can be exhausting. The style studio is perfect for any shopper to have a hassle free and relaxing shopping experience and walk away with gorgeous outfits for your fun occasions.

Now for the fun…want to see this gorgeous studio?! I thought you’d never ask 😉

When I walked in, I immediately felt like I was in my dream closet. Between the clothes, accessories, full length mirror, bright/airy lighting, chic decor… it was stunning!

You will be seeing several of their outfits and accessories featured on my blog and Instagram, so stay tuned for those! In the meantime, I have compiled a list of my favorite new arrivals and can’t wait for ya’ll to check them out! No need to worry if you are not in the Atlanta area, as I mentioned before, they are primary an online boutique and can help assist you with sizing and/or any styling questions you may have prior to purchasing. I hope you enjoy checking out, Willow Park Boutique, and happy shopping!

New Arrival Picks

White Ruffle Sleeveless Top
White Eyelet Dress
Peach Ruffle Shoulder Dress
Navy Striped Dress
Parrot Beaded Clutch
Hand Wrapped Earrings Pink and Cream
Grey and White Woven Rope Necklace

I am off to go pack for Henry’s big birthday cementation this weekend! Technically, his birthday is on Monday, but we are making a whole weekend celebration out of it! We thought what better than to celebrate with family up at our mountain house! There is just something about being in the mountains that life just becomes a little bit slower. I feel like I need that, especially soaking in these last few days before our little boy is not so little anymore. I will be sure to take lots of pictures don’t you worry! I actually have a fun photoshoot theme that I can’t wait to shoot. It has to do with my favorite Disney movie. Any guesses?! I guess you will have to wait and see! So, bye bye friends….duties call, oh and Henry who needs my attention now! Happy Wednesday babes!