Sailing into Summer

Sailing into Summer

|Outfit Details|

Sailboat Dress
Bow Wedges
Sunglasses (My favorite!)

Hi friends,

Summer is around the corner and I found the perfect T-shirt dress for the season! Not only is it the cutest little thing ever, but it is only $34.99! When I say ya’ll are going to be hooked, I am not joking one bit. Between the lightweight/soft fabric, playful print, and the fact that it is is the perfect t-shirt dress. I am 5’3″ and always have a hard time finding a T-shirt dresses that are not too long, and this is the perfect length hitting right above the knees. One other thing I love to look for is flow and movement of a dress. I am not surprised one bit that it comes from one of my all time favorite retailers. They never cease to brighten my wardrobe and am so excited to share them with ya’ll!

I do not like a lot of t shirt dresses because of how boxy they are, but this is the perfect flow to give you a feminine and fun look. I love it so much, I plan on ordering it in the navy and white stripe too. I am wearing a size Small and I would say it fits true to size, running on the roomier side. This dress would be cute paired with sandals, wedges (pictured) or white/navy sneakers. I cannot wait to continue to wear this throughout the season, especially with all the travel I have coming up because it is so easy to throw in a suitcase.

For today’s post, I styled this dress with some colorful tassel earrings. The pop of pink allows the pastels from the sailboat print to come out. For shoes, I went with my favorite tan bow wedges to dress it up. Lastly, I grabbed my sweet monogram straw bag for the best monogram combo. Can you say double the fun?! I think so 😉 You can shop my outfit above!

So, lets have some girl chit chat shall we?! I mean I think we are about due for a little catch up session don’t you think? Okay, I thought I was busy before, but YA’LL….oh my gosh toddler life is no joke. Like, no one prepares you for this. I think its funny being a mom you always want to get to that “next” stage because the one you are currently in seems so challenging at the time. Well, be careful what you wish for is what my brain is saying because holy cow he never stops. I want whatever he’s having because dang, the boy has got some energy. Oh, and I might have left out a minor detail. He has dropped the morning nap. Yes, you heard that right friends, like dropped, as in gone, #byefelcia. That means I only have 2-2 1/2 hours of my day to get things done. So, I have had to adjust to this new normal and it has taken a little bit of a learning curve. My new normal, includes working out before Henry wakes up, so I can use his nap time to get things done. My pre-pregnancy self would have thought I could get a lot done in 2 hours, but when that is your ONLY time in the day to get things done….It is more like 2 minutes, not 2 hours! In all seriousness, it is the best job in the world and I choose to happily chase him around all day, embrace the constant mess at our house, and have come to understanding that laundry is never going to be done, folded and put away all the time, dishes may be in the sink longer than before, and I may not have dinner ready every night, but that is OKAY. The biggest thing I have learned as a mom is having and giving grace and while it is a skill I am constantly reminding myself to focus on, it will allow you to enjoy more of life’s beautiful moments that otherwise may have passed you by. Other than that, work has been great with my barre babes, still learning how to adult because let’s be honest fake it until ya make it (am I right?!)….currently dealing with getting new tires and an entire air conditioning unit, once again #adulting…., but we are healthy and happy and life is great! I hope you all are doing wonderful and having a great start to your week! Until next time 😉

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