Sunshine State of Mind + Hello Dobson

Sunshine State of Mind + Hello Dobson

Happy Friday pretty friends!

Today’s post is going to talk about positivity. Doubt kills far more dreams than failure ever does! Let that phrase just sink in for a moment. To me, doubt is an easy place to escape to and often I have to catch myself from drifting too far in that direction. Before I started blogging, I was lead astray MANY times with where God wanted me to be. I kept facing closed door after closed door, to only be left with nothing but doubt and failure. I kept sinking lower and lower with each closed door, BUT I never let those failures define me. It was one day that I realized it wasn’t the opportunities or circumstances that needed fixed, it was me. I restored my life was by letting go and letting God do HIS work, not MINE. Oh, how I fought long and hard, day after day to make “Ashley’s plan” work, but it wasn’t working because I was not looking to Him for guidance through it all. It may sound like an easy fix, but it wasn’t (I am not going to sugar coat it!) Just like anything, good things require work and boy oh boy did I have to work..and spoiler alert- I am still working 😉

All of those closed doors lead me to my dream job and this amazing creative outlet that would not of been positive if I would have let doubt get in the way. See, doubt can take over and make you think thoughts and then actually make yourself believe them. Its a cycle, a very bad cycle to say the least. However, failures can be life’s biggest blessings because God is using those to speak to you. It may not be the right timing or maybe you aren’t physically or mentally ready, but everything works out the way it is supposed to be. Speaking of failures, every single failure of mine, has turned into another valuable life lesson. Whether it be how to change my attitude, how to treat others, be an active listener, the list could go on….but every situation we go through has the opportunity to bring us down or allow us to rise up.

People comment daily on how much I smile, laugh, and just have an overall happy demeanor. I was always known as “smiley” growing up in school and it hasn’t changed one bit. To me, seeing the most heart-breaking situations and circumstances with my sister, with others fighting for their lives, lives lost, bad news, whatever it may be….you have a choice. A choice to dwell and doubt, or a chance to find a ray of sunshine in the darkest of times. I have chosen both. Chosen to let those situations, comments from others, bad news weigh me down and doubt who I am as a person, as well as, chosen to find one positive thing in a sea of darkness and focus on that- learning what I could do to make things better. It is that simple really. One choice.

When I look back years from now, I want to remember the joy I chose each and every single day. Life is hard ya’ll, but when you surround yourself with wonderful people, the journey can be pretty amazing. So whatever you may be going through, know you are one amazing person and never stop dreaming! Life is going to upset you, bring you down, people are going to disappoint you, you may not get what you are hoping for in that moment, BUT you are and always will be enough! Today, just like everyday, is another reason to smile! Know that you are loved and cherish and no dream is ever too big to accomplish.

Speaking of happiness, can we just talk about the most gorgeous floral dress ever? I am so excited to share the company, Hello Dobson, with ya’ll. Hello Dobson is based out of St. Louis and is known for their bright brights and charming dresses, tops, and skirts. The quality of each piece is a work of art and will be the hit of any event you wear it to. My favorites include: The Babydoll Sleeveless Top in Pink Pineapples, Sunkissed off the Shoulder Ruffle Top, Green Cheetah “It’s my Party” Dress, , and last but not least the Flower Child One Shoulder Caftan Dress. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for the most gorgeous spring and summer, I don’t know what will 😉 Oh, and how could I forget…if clothes aren’t your thing and you are more of a home decor babe, they have the most beautiful wallpaper in all of their cheery prints. I cannot wait for ya’ll to check them out and dress in their wonderful pieces. I would say the fit is true to size and I am wearing a size small in every piece. Oh and guess what?! I have got the hookup for ya’ll-stick with me kids 😉 Be sure to use the Code: RUFFLED4HD for 15% off your order. Please DM me pictures of you in your Hello Dobson, I love to see how ya’ll style them!

Outfit Details
Dress by Hello Dobson
Shoes (Wearing a size 9, I am normally an 8.5)
Sunglasses (A splurge, but SO worth it!)

Photography Credit: Lauren Folk @ Folk House Creative

Have a wonderful Friday!