Friendships + Monogramed Handbag

Friendships + Monogramed Handbag

Hi friends,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! I find that Sunday afternoons are my favorite because it is the part of the weekend where we are all winding down and getting prepared for the week ahead. It is always during this time of stillness that I can stop and reflect on my growth from the past week and the goals I want to set for the upcoming week. I know it may sound silly, but I believe we can always find life lessons in our daily lives if we look close enough. I am one to always try to find areas of growth and appreciate the time where I have seen that growth in action.

To me, there is nothing more satisfying in life then opening up your eyes and seeing the beauty of each and every moment. Like I have told ya’ll before, one of my goals for this year is to be present in the moment and not so caught up in the “before” or “after”. Coming from the “planning” side in me (which takes up a big chunk) it is extremely hard to shut that off and just be STILL and most importantly PRESENT. Today, I was challenged. Challenged to just shut off and enjoy the stillness and to my surprise it was the best part of my weekend. I was able to decompress from a situation that has been weighing me down for awhile, and walk away feeling refreshed. In that moment, I was able to think about nothing but the now and realize the beauty in just being PRESENT. I challenge you to just drop what you are doing and enjoy the moment you are in right now. Try to find beauty in it and smile! No matter what you are going through or what is weighing you down, YOU are amazing and always will be enough! My goal for this week is to appreciate true friendships! One should always find friends that build you up, are there for you during the darkest of times, make you appreciate the beauty that lies in your heart, and loves you for you! So call your closest friends today and tell them how much they mean to you!

Okay, now that we have caught up on some life chit chat and showed some love to our sweet friends, I need to tell yall about the cutest monogram handbag EVER! Let me introduce you to the Monogram Chance Handbag from I Love Jewelry. This is a definite designer dupe and its monogramed..I mean, what more could you ask for right?! I love the top handles plus the extra chain straps that dress it up. It is so spacious and fits my stuff but also some of Henry’s stuff. Recently, I have stopped wearing a diaper bag because lets be honest, it stresses me out having so many bags and usually when we are at a store buying more things with more bags (AH!). So, I love finding handbags where I can fit my stuff, as well as, a couple of things that Henry may need. We can always go back to the car if we need anything from the actual diaper bag, but having just the essentials without an extra bag is always a winner in my book.

I love the beige color because it goes with everything and you can wear in with jeans, shorts, dresses, and even your workout attire. Right now it is on MEGA sale for only $68, when it originally is $178. This will be the perfect bag to carry you through the rest of spring and summer.

Outfit Details

Necklaces (Aqua + Lavender)

I am off to enjoy the rest of my evening with my family and recover from the MANY tacos that were inhaled last night! Happy Sunday night sweet friends!