Goals for Blogging + Caroline Dawn

Goals for Blogging + Caroline Dawn

Happy Monday pretties! I am feeling so energized after this weekend and I am so excited to share why. Who else loves community?! Community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Community is something that everyone needs and something we crave. However, with life, jobs, various circumstances, it may be hard to go after and achieve that overall community in your life.

To be completely honest, since I had Henry, all of my energy was devoted to him. Whatever was left went to grow my businesses, fuel my family, and then whatever was left after that, which wasn’t much, was for others. God created us to love people, to get involved with others, form lasting relationships, and devote time and energy into those people to help shape and mold them, as they help shape and mold you. That is where I needed a reset. My priorities were not lining up for God, they were lining up for ME. Yes, of course my family and Henry come first, but I needed to devote more time to others, since community is vital for growth. Yes, you heard that right. Without community, you become stale and dull. With community, you begin to grow and flourish. God spoke to me during my “dull” period of the newborn days and said Ashley, you need to get your butt out of the house and find that community, help others using your gifts and talents, and not hide behind the excuses of being tired or busy. So, I took the leap of faith and that is where my passion for fashion and loving/helping others was brought to life with Ruffled with Grace.

So, now that Ruffled with Grace is in full swing and I am following His plan, what now? I have seen Him continue to work, but I have learned a lot along the way. I have found out who my true friends, learned to not sweat the small stuff, communication is everything, not to put too much energy into the things we cannot control, and always try to see the positive in each situation or circumstance. Every person I interact with and connect with, was according to His purpose and I am to use these connections to continue to grow and love each and every one of them.

In attending the Pretty Peach Workshop this past weekend, I was reminded of that and couldn’t help but smile to see everything fall into place. I was reminded that their are amazing people out there who are absolutely killing it and following their dreams. It was nothing short of incredible to sit in a room of all different people, styles, interests, yet know we are all there growing and connecting to help better one another and the community we hope to form and grow. Every person in that room is using their gifts to share, love, help, and impact others. That alone is amazing. Yes, clothes are fun, pictures are pretty, traveling is a blast, and food is delicious, BUT, at the end of the day what is your overall goal?

So, I did some searching and I want to share my top 3 goals for Ruffled with Grace, I will call them the 3 C’s! {Community, Connection, + Creativity}

1. Community. At the end of the day, I want to form friendships with you, be there for you, help you grow, and be a bright light for you. Life is tough ya’ll, people are mean, and someone or something will always let you down, BUT, if we lean on each other and continue to push forward TOGETHER, I believe we can do some pretty amazing things.

2. Connection. I want to connect. I want to help cross-serve and learn more about others businesses and dreams/goals one may have. I am a firm believer, in supporting local businesses, big or small, and seeing everyone absolutely crush it. So, lets join forces and spread the word on some pretty amazing people + places.

3. Creativity. Yes, you all know I love all things dealing with fashion, baby, travel, + eats, so I am sure you are not surprised here. But, my goal is to help share my finds for both clothing, travel, or cuisine, so we can all enjoy. We can fell good about ourselves and enjoy this beautiful life. Why not tell others when you absolutely love something? Everything that I post about is 100% authentic to what I love and believe in. I promise to always be real and genuine to you all and look forward to continuing to share my finds in all areas 🙂

There you have it! My Three C’s to kick off another productive year with Ruffled with Grace. I cannot wait to continue to share and grow with each and everyone of you! To all my friends I have met throughout this experience so far, I cannot wait to continue to grow our friendship and create lots of fun memories ahead. To anyone thinking of taking that big leap and starting their own blog, I highly encourage you to attend the Pretty Peach Workshop, you will not regret it!

Speaking of sharing, lets kick it off with this girl boss who started Caroline Dawn. Caroline started the company in 2014 in Charleston, SC and has a passion for helping others find classic southern clothing with a little flair. Let me tell ya’ll, her clothes are breathe-taking and I am so happy to support this amazing line. The clothes are classic, yet have the perfect amount of southern sass to set them apart. The instant I tried my pieces on, I fell in love. She has an assortment of dresses, tops, and shorts in her Spring Line and will be releasing her Summer line soon. I styled the Beckett Bow Top paired with jeans and some fun, white statement earrings that are only $9, listed here. This top is so great, because you can dress it down with jeans, or can dress it up with fancy shorts or a skirt. Please keep in mind her sizing chart when ordering. For reference, I am wearing a size Medium. I hope ya’ll enjoy this amazing company as much as I do, and be on the lookout for more features of her clothing very soon 🙂

Other outfit deets:
Jeans (Run TTS)

Happy week ahead sweets!