Case App

Case App

Is it Friday yet?! Ever feel like it has been the slowest, yet fastest week ever? Yep, its a real thing you know. Well, that has happened to me this week. In the moment, it has felt so slow, but looking back it has flown by. Regardless, I am SO happy it is Friday tomorrow! Can I get a TGIF?!

I have an exciting weekend planned and I am ready for the fun to begin. First off, I have a very exciting shoot tomorrow and so many exciting things are happening with Ruffled with Grace (I can’t wait to share!). Secondly, I have another blogger coming to stay with me this weekend, who I just adore. Well, to be quite honest, we have not met yet, but I already love her. I keep going on like I have known her for years, but we will be meeting for the first time..eekk. Is it not crazy how God works in your life and places people in your life?! I just think it is the coolest thing. Anyways, I will keep y’all informed how our “first date” goes, but I am sure we will be two peas in a pod. Thirdly, I am attending a fun workshop this weekend and am so excited to meet more sweet faces. I just love growing and connecting with people who feed off of the same passions as myself. Community is one of the most amazing things God gave us and I am excited to dive in and continue to make new friendships with like-minded ladies. Lastly, its the weekend so whats there not to love, am I right?! I hope everyone has the best weekend, whether you are out and about, or just chilling with snacks, naps, and Netflix 😉

Tonight I am so excited to share a partnership I am doing with Caseapp. Haven’t heard of Caseapp?! Well, I am just about to introduce you to your new best friend in the phone case + laptop case world. Ya’ll its the best. Caseapp has the most amazing assortment of cases + skins or you can completely customize your own! No need to look any further. Simply pick from their assortment or create your own, one of a kind case, and then it gets shipped right to your doorstep! Okay, so lets get to the good stuff and where can you click to start making your own case?! Simply click here and start picking or creating away. And to make things a little sweeter, guess who got you a PROMO CODE, yep yours truly 🙂 Use CODE: 20GRACE for 20% off your order! I am absolutely loving their products and can’t wait to order more! So grab something sweet, or in my case, strawberries, and create away!

And for those of you that want to know about this darling white, eyelet sleeve top I am wearing, you can get it here! I am wearing a size Small for reference and the fit is roomy 🙂

Sleep tight friends!