30A + Honeymoon Hats

30A + Honeymoon Hats

Is it just me, or did I just blink and March was gone and April arrived?! I officially think March was the fastest month I have experienced in awhile. March was filled with crazy and more crazy….Henry popped his first tooth, learned to say Dada & Baba, we went on vacation, redid my office, and started on some spring cleaning. I say started because I think “spring cleaning” is going to be never ending in my new role as a mom. I seriously start cleaning or doing anything for that matter, and then Henry needs something. Speaking of which, he is helping me “type” as I speak, so I apologize for any typos 😉 I am going to be honest, it is hard adjusting to my new normal, aka not getting anything done or not “on my time” that I would like for it to be done, but I would not change a thing. Being a mom to Henry is the best job I could ever ask for, so bring on the mess and bring on the memories (my OCD heart is dying inside as I type this!) 😉

Okay, so speaking of time, I keep thinking I just got back from vacay, to realize I have been back for almost 3 weeks now. So, I figured it was time to recap one of my favorite beach destinations: 30A. Whether you have been, haven’t been, or maybe you have not heard of it, I hope you find a time to travel to this quaint area. We typically either stay in Watercolor or Rosemary, whenever we go, but you seriously cannot go wrong wherever you decide to stay. Other areas you can stay in are Seagrove, Alys Beach, Seaside, just to name a few. I am going to touch on Watercolor Inn Resort, Watercolor Inn Vacation Rentals, and The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary. Typically, we spend a week down there and rent a vacation home through Watercolor Vacation Rentals. After having Henry, we are so thankful to rent a home when we travel to have the extra space and privacy. You can put in how many bedrooms/bathrooms you would like and the proximity you want from the beach, and it will list all of the available options for your selected dates. If you are more of a hotel person, you cannot go wrong with the Watercolor Inn or The Pearl. We love both of them equally and I would not personally pick one of the other. I will say, my husband and I stayed at the Pearl prior to Henry and it was a perfect romantic getaway, as their pool and restaurants are more adult friendly, in my opinion. Watercolor Inn has a very large pool and poolside restaurant that is filled with children and families. Once again, either one is perfect for your beach getaway.

Now for the best part, my absolute favorites that myself and my family love to go to/visit whenever we travel to 30A!



Black Bear Bread Company

Great Southern Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Cowgirl Kitchen

Donut Hole

The Perfect Pig


We usually do the Food Trucks in Seaside (I mean we are on vacay right?!,… so we may not have the best recommendations for lunch spots!)

Taco Bar

Barefoot BBQ


Watercolor Inn Restaurant/ The Pearl Restaurant


Bud & Alleys


Old Florida Fish House

723 Whiskey Bravo


La Crema

The Red Bar (cash only)

|Favorite Places to Shop|

Perspicasity-(outdoor market with clothing + accessories) Seaside
Barefoot Princess-(clothing/accessories/ Lilly Pulitzer) Watercolor
Deja Vu-(clothing/accessories) Seaside
Fuss Boutique- (clothing) Watercolor
Ophelia- (swimwear/accessories) Seaside or Seacrest Beach
Pish Posh Patchouli’s- Rosemary (bath/beauty products)
T-shirts- Seaside Style, Rosemary Trading Co., Watercolor Store

Outlet Mall- Silver Sands Premium Outlet Shops

Nearby stores such as: Anthropologie, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Alterd State located in Grand Boulevard Town Center in Destin.

|Favorite Photographer| Folk Creative

Lauren is seriously the best and extremely talented! You will instantly become friends and she will amaze you by capturing the most beautiful photos!

I hope all this information is helpful and you can try out these the next time you travel to 30A or maybe you plan a trip to visit because you have never gone. I hope you enjoy this adorable beach destination as much as I do!

|Honeymoon Hats|

Now that we have beach on our brains, I wanted to share with ya’ll about the perfect beach accessory: the beach hat! My good friends at Honeymoon Hats have your perfect beach hat for your next trip! The moment I was introduced to this company, I instantly fell in love. They have the most beautiful assortment of hats and accessories that you will just adore. I styled their Pink Pom Pom hat that says “On Vacay”, and it was the hit of the trip! I love that I could style it with any of my bathing suits and still be stylish while getting some sun protection. They also have the cutest accessories to compliment any beach hat or outfit. I will link my hat and my top picks from Honeymoon Hats below!

Beach outfit details

Hat | Swimsuit | Pom Pom Beach Bag (blue in stock + ON SALE)| Smaller Black Pom Pom Tote | Flip Flops | Towel (similar) |


Bow Round Crossbody
Hand Painted Monogram Pom Pom Straw Beach Tote
Pineapple Getaway Glam Hat
Tassel Earrings

I hope ya’ll enjoyed hearing about my favorite beach vacation spot and my sweet friends at Honeymoon Hats! I think we all should grab a beach hat and plan our next getaway, I am totally down, are you?!

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!

Ashley (+ Henry too!)