Charleston Dreams

Charleston Dreams

Happy Tuesday! All my Atlanta gals, can we take a moment and talk about this weather? Or if you are in a place where the weather is acting like a hormonal teenager? Yep, what is going on?! The first day of Spring was great, and then it went back to coats and jackets over here. I refuse to dig into my winter clothes again, so I guess this girl is going to be a little chilly until the weather behaves itself! So, here is to spring vibes coming our way 😉

Okay, moving on to the good stuff 🙂 Does anyone just adore Charleston?! I am serious, if I did not have two businesses, I might (just might) convince my husband to move there! There is something about that city that just captures my heart. I love adore the southern hospitality, the costal vibes, beautiful colors,
unique shops, and exquisite restaurants. Seriously, there is nothing not to love!

Shop Borough is based out of Charleston, SC and is inspired by southern culture. The bright prints and colors immediately grab your attention and tell a story of this divine city. I just love finding clothes that are unique and have such personality and this company definitely brings that to life.

My clutch print is called, “House Hunting”, and is based off of Charleston’s unique and one of a kind architecture. Many people simply visit Charleston for the architecture itself, which I do not blame them for one bit. I probably could just walk and bike from street to street admiring the beautiful, southern homes.

Be sure to check out this darling company and shop my outfit details below!


Photography by : Folk Creative

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