Spring time is the best time

Spring time is the best time

Happy first day of Spring! Bring on the flowers, sunshine, and bright colors! Minus the icky pollen (which seems to be getting worse every year!), Spring time is such a happy time for me. As you may have picked up on by now, I am obsessed with bright colors and patterns and pretty much dress that way no matter what the season. However, I love when others join the bright side with me, as the flowers begin to bloom and the sun shines a little bit longer each day.

Nothing screams Spring time like this gingham dress! I have always had a love connection with gingham, but add a bright pop of color and I am sold! This aqua, off the shoulder dress is perfect for Easter, showers, or any fun event this Spring. I recently discovered Collyne Raye and have been hooked ever since. They even launched a Derby dress that I am just obsessed with, along with some precious seersucker tops/dresses. I am sure once I hit a weak point, I will be adding them to my cart and purchasing. Something about online shopping always cheers me up and then when it arrives its like a little surprise to yourself 🙂 So great and so fun, I know ya’ll understand 😉

With each new season, I want to make it a priority to set goals that I want to work on and achieve throughout that specific time period. For spring, I think of happiness. Happiness because of the sunshine, the bright colors, the blooming flowers, the warm weather, spring breaks, vacations…the list could go on. What does happiness look like for you? I have thought about this all day today, as I have been going through a lot recently. I was always known as the smiling kid all through school (lower, middle, high..and college). I just have experienced so much in life, that I realized each day is a blessing and we need to find happiness in that. As a multi-unit business owner, blogger, mom, wife, and friend, I sometimes can talk myself into a “funk”, a “funk” of tiredness, depending on the circumstances and situations going on around me. This “funk” ultimately affects my happiness and my joy. I challenge myself to acknowledge that I am in charge of my ultimate happiness and I can not let others bring me down. I love the saying, you are never fully dressed without a smile. That movie, Annie, is bringing some major life lessons to the table, but I could not agree more 🙂

I have been reading a book recently called, “Present over Perfect”, and it has really changed my view on how I visual myself and relationships. It is learning how to change your mindset and your ideal image of yourself, relationships, things and coming back to a sense of reality in being present in the moment. I am so guilty of this, as I am constantly looking ahead at the next best thing, event, and opportunity. My goal is to slow down and to take a moment to breathe. Breathing in nothing but thankfulness and positivity of whatever I may be experiencing in that moment and making it a beautiful memory to look back upon.

Speaking of memories and time, I was recently reading something somewhere that stated, when you look back on your life do you want to remember being on your phone the whole time, or really have enjoyed the moments you have created. This hit me hard as a blogger + millennial who is constantly on social media/ their phone. It is so true that we can get sucked into this technology that pretty much surrounds us everywhere we go. I mean if you look around whether at a restaurant, mall, movie theater, or shoot driving (literally next time you are on the road look to see how many people are on their phones!)….everyone is on their phones. My goal is to be more present and intentional with my time. I love social media and I love my phone, but being more cautious of how I use my time and trying not to be on my phone while Henry is awake is going to be another goal of mine.

I challenge you to think about some goals you want to achieve this spring. They could be anything you want them to be. I have a feeling this season is going to be the best yet!

Now, I am off to make a frozen pizza because why not?! No, but really I thought it was a good idea to take both Pure Barre and Empower today and with how sore my muscles are at the current moment I couldn’t pick up a pan to cook even if I tried….so yeah there is that. My hubby is working late tonight and this mama has no shame in her game, Pizza FTW! Talk soon babes!

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