Packing for Vacay with Marleylilly

Packing for Vacay with Marleylilly

Happy Friday Ya’ll! We made it to the weekend! This week flew by as we prepared to leave for the beach today. I still can’t believe this girl has not gone on vacay in 2 years. Yes, two years friends! Between being sick my entire pregnancy and having Henry, I have not been able to travel. So when I tell you this mama is going to kick back and relax, you better believe it! I am talking bathing suit, beach hat, and sipping on a daiquiri kinda style. You know where to find me 😉

I recently asked on my Instagram stories what ya’ll wanted to see next and how I pack for vacation was a winner. Don’t worry for those of you who wanted a hair and makeup tutorial, I will be doing that soon 🙂 So onto packing we go….

Packing is definitely a love/hate thing, anyone else feel me on that? And before we get started I am known to overpack, so just wanted to get that out there. Phew, I feel better.

First up is making a list. I LOVE making lists. I recently upgraded to making a list on my phone, but love using a good old fashion pen + paper if I have it. This is a great way to get organized and get a plan together before you have a million things all over the place- creating an absolute mess. On my list I will have how many days we will be gone, outfits needed, and plans we have scheduled. In doing this, it gives me an idea of how many outfits I will need and exactly what type of outfits. It may sound silly, but trust me on this.

Next up, is to separate each day and the outfits I need. Example: Saturday- Beach Day + Casual Dinner at Bud & Alleys. The list goes on… until I am finished. Once I have that complete, I tackle all the other miscellaneous things I may need outfit wise, example: underwear, bras, bathing suits, flip flops, etc. And lastly on my list, I compile all the toiletries I will need on the trip.

Now for the fun part, putting the list into action! I start one at a time checking things off. When I am putting together my outfits, I will try them on and style them as if I was going to wear it right then and there, and then put it away in the suitcase. I have learned the hard way several times just throwing outfits that I think will go with these earrings and those shoes, etc when I am packing, to find myself in absolute panic when I am at my destination and the outfit doesn’t match or I do not like it together. Lesson learned!

Once you have everything checked off and piled up, you can start placing them in the suitcase. I absolutely love my seersucker monogrammed weekend tote from Marley Lilly and plan on purchasing another one! They are oversized and fit everything! I was so surprised since most weekender totes fit just the bare minimum. Nope, this guy fits it all! I will link my weekender tote here.

Some secret tips for making things fit in your suitcase is rolling your clothing up. When a friend showed me this trick I was instantly amazed. It is so helpful and seriously allows you a lot of extra room….for more clothes obviously 😉

Fun fact, I always leave room in my suitcase for the shopping I do while away. So always keep that in mind if you are are like me and will be doing some shopping wherever you are… make sure you have a little extra room 😉

Now, for the dreadful packing to go home. My tips and tricks are to empty one bag and have it just for dirty clothes. Being married, I usually then compile ALL of my husband and I’s dirty clothes into one bag, well now Henry’s too, and then the other bags clean clothes for whatever we did not wear and/or purchased. It makes coming home SO much easier to know which bag is headed right to the laundry room and which ones go to our closets.


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Off to the beach we go! Wish me luck entertaining Henry for the 6 hour drive hehe glad he likes starring at me! Happy weekend friends!