Happy Wednesday sweet friends! I am so happy this week is flying by since we are headed to the beach on Friday…whoop whoop! I am running around like a literal crazy lady trying to get everything done before we leave. Let me tell you that is so much easier said then done because Henry is making my to do list extremely difficult. You know why….. Henry is crawling!! Yes, you read that right….Henry is making moves up in here. Seriously y’all, he is so fast and this mama is worn out. I just chalk it off to extra cardio each day. I mean, hey, anything for that baby bounce back ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, so today I am so excited to be sharing with y’all my new favorite baby company, Ellifox. Ellifox is in the beginning stages of opening up and I am so excited that I get to share with you all before the BIG debut. Like y’all, I am so excited. I know I just said that, oops I kinda repeat myself a lot, but seriously….you just wait. Say no more whether you have a girl or boy, she will have your sweet little dressed to the tens! Her style is to start with simple pieces and create one of a kind, personalized outfits and accessories. She can seriously do anything and the turn around time is 10 days or less. You can shop any of here pieces on Instagram or you can reach out to her and create something custom. I am telling ya’ll she can do it all. I am in love with beautiful embroidery and monograms and am so excited to continue to purchase unique, personalized clothing for Henry.

Henry is pictured in a plaid Jon Jon with his monogram on it and a pair of navy chus. Henry is wearing a 12 month in the Jon Jon and a size 4 in the Chus.

Some examples of her custom work:

I mean ๐Ÿ˜, I told ya’ll you would be in love! Be sure to go check Ellifox out on Instagram here.

I am off to continue my never ending to do list, but before I go I would love to hear any good book recommendations? Yes, I know totally random, but I haven’t been able to read a book in forever and I think sitting on the beach reading a book sounds pretty relaxing if you ask me. So be sure to comment on my Instagram post or below sharing your favorite recent read. Little hint, I am a hopeless romantic if that helps any ๐Ÿ˜‰ Okay that is all for now friends!