Why I got into blogging + Denim Jumpsuit

Why I got into blogging + Denim Jumpsuit

With so many new faces around here I wanted to dig deep and tell you all why I got into blogging. People probably think (no wait) they probably know I am crazy to add something else to my plate with all I have going on. I am a wife, a mom to an 8 month old, own/operate two Pure Barre studios, teach Pure Barre, have two big pups (they are like toddlers…really though some days I feel like I am at day-care and I am not sure who is watching who!), and am now a fashion + lifestyle blogger. The more the merrier πŸ˜‰ No really though, I love being busy!

However, God has been pulling on my heart for awhile to take the plunge into the blogging world, get involved in this community, and FIND community. From a very young age I have always been into fashion. In fact, I wanted to major in Fashion while at Auburn, but decided I did not want to live in NYC, as I have shared with y’all before. In becoming a new mom, I struggled for awhile. Struggled finding my groove, struggled in the comparison game, struggled finding my new purpose and role as a mom…the list could go on. In having some more time at home, especially during the newborn days, I began praying for a way to explore my creative side, my love for fashion, and the tough, yet amazing role of being a new mom, business owner, and wife. I want to help others, not just with style but by being REAL and genuine. I want to help others find clothes that make them feel good, share my personal recommendations for favorite beauty products, stores, and companies I believe in, and show the good, bad, and ugly in life (cause its there whether we share it or not). I feel like we can all grow TOGETHER. As my dad always used to tell my sister and I, there is no “I” in team.

In being in the blogging world, for just a short time, I have learned a lot and seen a lot. I have met some amazing girls that I am so excited to continue to grow our friendships and support them in their journey. Everyone has been so encouraging and I am thrilled that I continue to meet amazing women each and everyday, just like I do in Pure Barre. I love GIRL POWER and that is what I have seen a lot of. Girls helping girls follow their dreams in this crazy blogging world and continually shinning their bright lights on others. I absolutely love that. I want to be that positive light for you all and I want to be able to help each and everyone of you grow, even if its in a small or silly way, as you all help me grow too. So this is your invitation to know I am always here, whether I know you or not, whether we are close or haven’t talked in years or maybe never even spoken at all, if you EVER need encouragement/help/ advice…know you can reach out, I am your girl, and we can cry it out, laugh it out, whatever you need πŸ˜‰ I am known for laughing until I cry or vice versa, so you are in for a treat. Sound good?! Okay good!

I can’t wait to continue to grow and share with you all in my blogging journey and I have a feeling amazing things are to come as we stick together and unite as a community! My church is big on this saying, “less rows and more circles”. So let’s get out from our row aka our comfort zone and form a huge circle that is always open for a new friend πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, enough babbling, lets get back to fashion, shall we?! Let’s just talk about this denim jumpsuit. Like holy cow, I love it! Yep, it may or may not be one of my favorite new spring trends is jumpsuits + overalls. Red Dress Boutique nailed it with these that are not only cute, but comfortable and affordable. I loved styling these with a pop of turquoise, but you could really wear this look ANY way. You could go from sandals or wedges, or statement earrings full or color or your basic studs. Like I always like to say, you do you boo πŸ™‚ I am also sharing my favorite lip gloss below. It is a great basic, all around lip gloss for your everyday wear. Color is: Rose Pulpe.

Shop my outfit deets below! Now off to Truck and Tap! This is our first time in, so I am anxious to try! This rainy day called for mama not cooking and the family going out on the town! I mean we made it halfway through the week, so that counts as a celebration right?!