Following my Circle P Dreams!

Following my Circle P Dreams!

Happy Happy Day! Who is having a great day?! Well I hope you all are rocking this Thursday and this post gives you courage to find your “fill in the blank” dreams!

If you know me, you know I am an all or nothing person and if you don’t well now you know 😉 I have a wild imagination, dreams as big as you could ever imagine (Im still trying to reach some of them!), and when I want something I find a way to get it (my parents + hubby probably will laugh at how accurate that is). Like I opened up to you all before, it was NOT a walk in the park to find out what and where I needed to be. This was extremely challenging coming from the girl who always pushed to get an answer, solution, or path carved out for her (you can say I am a control freak!). I attended Auburn University and started out majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design….can I get a War Eagle?! Well, WAR EAGLE anyways!! I have always been a fashionista I guess you could say, and my happy place was at the mall or helping friends style/organize their clothes. I just could not get enough of it, and well, some things never change because I still LOVE it. When I started the program, I was like your typical freshman and was ALL absorbed in the college and sorority life I had just been welcomed into. The last thing I was worried about was what I was going to do after college (sorry mom and dad!) but I know many of you can relate. You finally have freedom and are meeting new friends and its just a constant party! Well the party came to a screeching halt when I met my now husband. Isn’t it funny God’s timing? I thank Him everyday for the perfect timing because I do not know how much longer I could have kept up hehe. It became a different type of party and I loved every minute of it! In meeting my now husband, who let me inform you is from a small town in Georgia and absolutely hates big cities, I quickly realized that I needed to sacrifice my dreams and desires of living in the big Apple and put my focus on him. I changed my major to Nursing and that was the end of my fashion chapter that was very short lived. Nursing seemed liked the perfect fit for me, it was going to be able to provide financially for my one day family, flexible hours, and I had a passion for serving/caring for others especially growing up with my younger sister who suffered severe medical challenges. Unfortunately in choosing this new path, I was not able to get into Auburn’s nursing program with my GPA. I was accepted to a private nursing school in Atlanta and ended my time on the Auburn Plains. My fiancé at the time and I did long distance for a year and it was TOUGH. Between juggling challenging nursing courses, living in Buckhead, traveling to all these clinical sites(which were ALL of Georgia!), and trying to find time to drive to Auburn to visit….it was tough. BUT, we made it (clearly hehe..he put a ring on it!). When William graduated, he moved back to Atlanta where we planned to be married that December. During the summer prior, I had a breaking down moment. I mean total breakdown. My spirits were ripped, my body was tired from carrying others’ pains and burdens, and my soul ached from not being able to handle the constant emotional roller coaster of this profession. I felt like a failure. It was during this time that I was taking Pure Barre that I decided I wanted to become an instructor. It was the only thing I looked forward too and wanted to push others to achieve that healthy lifestyle. It was one of the things keeping me afloat and felt like myself again whenever I walked through those doors. Keep in mind I began going down a road of depression that luckily was short lived, as I pulled myself out of Nursing school and also pulled myself out of Pure Barre. I needed a reset. Ever need one of those?! They can be so hard but SO helpful. I needed a clean slate, so I removed everything I associated Nursing school with out, including Pure Barre.

I quickly decided the best bet was to finish my college degree with Business. I mean you can’t go wrong there right? They say third time is the charm and it was just that! I got married, alongside of finishing college online, and my sweet husband was having to support us in the process. It was during that time, that I pursued several other fitness programs that I actually started the process of going through intense trainings to be a certified instructor. I figured why not try to find joy in another fitness program and earn some money while I was finishing school. Again like I said before, EVERY SINGLE DOOR WAS CLOSED. It was like a tease, it opened ever so slightly to where I could see hope and then BOOM it was slammed in my face. Again, I started reverting back to doubt and insecurities that maybe I just was not good enough. My self worth was at an all time low and I just surrendered. It is during the moment of letting everything go and letting God, that it hit me. The big circle P…..aka Pure Barre, once brought me so much joy, yet I shut it out. What if…just what if, I could bring that to Alpharetta? Like I said before, once I get an idea in my head, I will have it researched and ready to nail it down within an hour….or less. And as crazy as it was, I got it in my head and I told myself I want to open a Pure Barre in my town. Yep, this 23 year old, with ZERO business experience just KNEW that she could do it. So…..if you are catching on here…..I did it 😉

Well to make things even crazier, as if they weren’t already, a month after I was approved to build Alpharetta, I found out a nearby studio was for sale. This studio was within miles of my soon to be location and it got my wheels turning. Of course my wheels were turning…what did you expect right?! I obviously had HUGE dreams and one of which was to grow into a second location. Well, that dream got put in the FAST lane, because I sat my mom down and asked for the biggest leap of faith of her….to go into business with me and purchase this studio that was for sale. It was Christmas Eve of 2015 that we signed off on purchasing Pure Barre Roswell and I went into business with my mom. The coolest part of all of this, is that God knew what He was doing. He closed those doors so THIS one could be opened. Throughout my time as a business owner, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined and have seen myself grow, mature, and flourish into this young entrepreneur. I am definitely still learning everyday but the people I have met and the doors that have been opened with Pure Barre have been nothing short of a miracle. I am grateful for each person that has walked into my doors and I cannot wait to the many more that I get to meet.

My takeaways thus far, whether you believe in God or not, believe in YOURSELF and trust YOURSELF to have confidence that you will be led exactly where you need to be. If you keep being faced with a closed door, embrace it and look around to see where you can learn and grow from that situation, and most importantly smile because you know something good is coming through the bad you are currently experiencing. No matter your age, your degree, your title, whatever it may be, YOU can do it. Nobody can take that away from you. Someone once told me…anyone can start something, but YOU are the only one to finish it. So friends, do something today to get yourself closer to your FINISH LINE!

Oh, and do yourself a favor….check out a Pure Barre near you! If you are near Alpharetta or Roswell, your first week is on me! Lets shake and sweat it out together! I always say the more the merrier and I absolutely love new friends 🙂

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Sweatshirt// sold out from Anthropologie but love this one Ripped Warrior Legging

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Top: Alo Tank

Leggings: K Deer, found them cheaper here