Polka Dot Cardi + Weekend Fun!

Polka Dot Cardi + Weekend Fun!

Who else feels like they did not have a weekend?! Gosh, time flies by when you are having fun! Despite the rain, this weekend was a blast and I can’t wait to share why!

I started off the weekend by helping host a baby shower for one of my best friends. She is having a girl and I am SO excited for Henry to have a girlfriend. I mean not that we are planning on setting them up later down the road or anything 😉 I had so much fun buying all the girly things since this mama doesn’t get to do that with sweet Henry (I think he wouldn’t be very happy if I dressed him up in all pink with a bow on his head!).

Coming from a mom whose favorite color is pink and loves anything with bows and ruffles, it was funny that God gave me a boy. A little back story here- We swore we were having a girl. Like to the point my mom was shopping for bows and dresses and little bikinis…yep #fail. The reason we all thought it was a girl was because I was so sick and craving the same things my mom did when she had me. I guess that means nothing! When we had the gender reveal, (which was a surprise to me and my husband), I about peed my pants…well maybe I did a little 😉 Not to say that we were not so excited for our sweet boy, but we were super thrown off since we were all aboard team girl! Taking a step back now, I could NOT imagine my life without sweet Henry and God knew exactly what he was doing by giving us a boy!

Okay…back to the shower. I was so excited to host this fabulous group of friends and family and shower sweet Lindsey and Harper. Ya’ll she got the cutest stuff…I am talking monograms and bows and ruffles and pink everything! It was such a fun and quaint day and I enjoyed talking/getting to know her sweet group! After the shower, my husband and Henry were allowed back home. Yep, I kicked them out…no boys allowed for the entire day:) I think my husband has never been so excited to see me and hand me Henry in his life hehe. It was his first day of watching Henry ALL day and evening….so poor guy was pooped. He definitely wins best daddy award all the time, but I know he came home with an appreciation of what I do all day on top of my many other jobs and all the juggling I do on a daily basis. I was thrilled though to get Henry back, as I think that had been the longest I had been without him. Its funny how us mamas get so attached to our little peeps 🙂 I was able to help daddy out and took over the night duty aka bath, bottle, and story time and then mommy and daddy got to relax and spend some time together. Does anyone else feel like life is so busy they hardly see their honey?! Lately we both have been going here and there and have been so busy, so it was nice to shut down our phones and enjoy some quality time together. Nothing like a date night on the couch watching movies!

Sunday morning I woke up early and headed to my favorite place- Pure Barre. I got to teach my early morning Sunday crew at Pure Barre Alpharetta and boy did they bring the heat. Nothing like ending your weekend with some sweat and shakes. I quickly went home and did some organizing/cleaning for the week, oh and started on the laundry. I say start….because me and the laundry have a love/hate relationship….well, I should probably say HATE. I am awful about laundry and I hate it. I have a habit of letting it pile up, instead of doing a little bit each day. Not only that, but my mom brain forgets about the load and then I have to start all over again and wash it a second time. I got to get it together! Maybe one day, but not today.I finished the day by hanging out with my amazing team and doing a team Empower class. Empower is Pure Barre’s cardio class that utilizes wrist and ankle weights leaving you a sweaty mess when you are done. Just kidding, I mean you are sweaty, but you feel so amazing/ strong when you are done… feeling empowered…get it ;).

Weekend Outfit Details:

Top// Ruffle Hem Tee
Cardigan// Straight to the Point Sweater (15% off with code:ASHLEY15)
Jeans//Toothpick Jean (30% off with Code:XOXO)
Shoes// Charlin Bow Mule
Glasses// Kate Spade Johnna Eyeglasses
Bracelet// Elton Bracelet
Earrings// Earbobs-Leather
Purse// Speedy 35
Sunglasses// Karen Walker

I don’t know about ya’ll but I am all for cute yet comfy on the weekends. This cardigan has become one of my absolute favorites because of its fun dots. I love that it is still neutral to pair with almost anything, giving it a fun twist. I decided to go with a more neutral look this weekend pairing it with a black ruffled hem top and jeans. I am so excited to style it going into the spring with bright colors and patterns. Use Code: ASHLEY15 at checkout for 15% off your order. That makes it only $21!

Happy Monday Friends!