Saturday Fun!

Saturday Fun!

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Dress: Cloth and Stone (Light Denim) | Vest: Heartloom (linked similar styles below) |  Earrings: Factor Hooped Earrings | Necklace: Hearne Dry Goods Co. (link to actual necklace here) | Boots: Anthropologie Ruffled Boots (linked below) | Watch: Daniel Wellington (linked below)


Happy Saturday! There is something about Saturday that is just my favorite, its like something fun is in the air. Anyone else feel the same way?! My Saturdays always start out the same… with Pure Barre. I love having my husband home on Saturday mornings so I can sneak in a class before we have fun as a family. We then usually go to breakfast and see what adventure we decide to go on that day. I just love Saturday adventures!

Today, we made breakfast at home since I am in the middle of Whole 30. Side note, I am HANGRY! Anyone know what I am talking about?! I know this challenge will be great and I am fully embracing it, but this girl is on the struggle bus. Literally my daily thoughts are, “Mhmm pizza, waffles, pancakes, Mac and cheese, chick fila waffle fries”…you name the carb, I am probably dreaming about it! However, I am committed and am excited to see where I am at in 27 days (but Im not counting the days until I am done right?!)

Today’s adventure included running to HomeGoods, stopping at one of my favorite boutiques in town, and a fun trip to the Avalon . I never knew I would be so thankful to run errands with my husband on the weekend and actually shop with two hands. Plus to have help during those unexpected emergencies aka being covered in spit up; it is SO appreciated. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I pretty much avoid a lot of places now. 1. Because of the germs and flu season y’all, but 2. because it takes SO long to get everything together to leave and then get there and then however long you are out and then pack up to leave and go home….its exhausting! Shoot, typing that wore me out 😉 SO…..weekends are the because we have daddy and I can just check off that to do list fast! I know my other mamas feel me.

So Homegoods, may or may not be my favorite “strolling” store. I say strolling because sometimes when I have nothing to do if I am in town or find myself bored, Henry and I are most likely at Homegoods or Target..but probably both actually #oops. Todays adventure included trying to find a desk for my new office. Yes, you heard that right…I am getting an office! I have been using the couch and/or kitchen as my office and it has become impossible to keep clean. Fun fact: I am a neat freak and I am constantly picking up (drives my husband crazy) but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. So yeah, I needed a place to put all my stuff, so I am SO excited about having my own space. Back to Homegoods, sadly they had nothing! I have a very distinct vision in my head for my office that I have found on Wayfair, surprisingly, but wanted to see if Homegoods had anything similar. No worries though, I still checked this task off the list because, duh #addtocart. Wayfair will have my office complete in no time. I cannot wait to show ya’ll how it turns out!

Next, we stopped at Honey and Hazel Boutique. All my local girlies, go check them out, they are fabulous! The owners are a mother-daughter duo, so my mom and I instantly clicked with them a few years ago. As some may or may not know, my mom and I are a mother-daughter duo for Pure Barre; its just the best to work with your bestie everyday! Grace and Julie are some of the kindest people I have met and I love going in there not only to shop, but catch up with them! After we spent a long time catching up, I grabbed a few cute items (I can’t wait to show you guys!). You should definitely check them out. A little birdie told me they are getting a lot of spring shipments in the next few weeks!

Lastly, we went to the Avalon. I had a return at Anthropologie and we had to go to Whole Foods for some “whole” 30 shenangians…I crack myself up 😉 Let me tell you Anthropologie has gotten some adorable new arrivals. Of course, as soon as I returned the few things, I was off shopping. Stay tuned for some cuteness. Finishing our day at Whole Foods, we quickly grabbed our items and some goodies for one of our family members who is in Puerto Rico right now (prayers appreciated!) and we were off back to the car.

Now off to my favorite part of the day, Home + SWEATPANTS! Errands are done, adventures have been completed, and now we get to chillax the rest of the day. Yep, thats chill and relax put together, its totally a word 🙂 I love staying busy and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the weekends, but there is nothing like taking a moment to breath, setting your phones down, and enjoying the time of relaxing with one another. Henry doesn’t really know how to “chill” yet, but he will learn slowly. Signing off with a big smile and full heart, counting my many blessing today and always! Happy Saturday Friends!